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  • 〝Scuba SHOP, Taipei潛水易購網〞是2002年時幾個熱情潛友們一起組成的。當時,台灣的潛水行業還沒有如國外一樣的網路商店,潛水資訊也相對的沒有國外透明,Scuba SHOP, Taipei的成立是為了讓網路上潛水商品、知識、活動的資訊更加透明,並且讓潛水朋友們在台灣也可以有如國外多樣選擇商品的空間!

    Scuba SHOP, Taipei, is founded 10 years ago by couple of dive buddies who all work in IT industry. At that time, Taiwan’s dive business still have no any on-line shop, and the diving information is relatively not that clear as abroad. Scuba SHOP, Taipei, was founded to make divers have easy access to all the dive products, information, and activities, especially make divers have multiple choice of dive products like abroad.

  • 在成立不到一年,因多數客人的要求,逐漸的轉型成為以實體店面為主的潛水店,從民權西路捷運站前大樓裏的小小空間,再轉搬到寶清街的數年時光,最後在2012年Scuba SHOP, Taipei搬到現址塔悠路288號,營業項目包含了潛水裝備銷售、保養維修,PADI休閒潛水教學、IANTD技術潛水教學、國內外潛水旅遊!

    After founded, quite lots of customers asking us to have a real shop to let them see, feel and try the products before purchasing. So we started a small office with show room in front of a MRT station, then move to Baoching Street to have a real dive center for years. In 2012 we move to here, No. 288 Tayou Road, so the Scuba SHOP, Taipei grows up to a real dive center with selling and service dive equipment, PADI recreational Diving Training, IANTD Technical Diving Training, and organizing local and oversea dive trips.

  • 2013年我們成立了〝Abyss Safari碧海潛水學苑〞PADI潛水中心,專門負責從事PADI休閒潛水教學,提供PADI初級潛水員到教練班的全套培訓課程!而Scuba SHOP, Taipei則繼續的為您提供裝備銷售保養、潛水旅遊及IANTD技術潛水教學的服務!

    In 2013, We have “ Abyss Safari Divers” set up as a PADI Dive Center, focus on PADI Recreational Diving Education, providing all the PADI course basic from PADI Open Water Diver Course to PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Course. And Scuba SHOP, Taipei will still focus on dive equipment sales and service, dive trip organizing, and IANTD Technical Diving Training.!

  • 而在網路資訊相對是非常透明的今天,讓資訊開放已經不再是我們的任務;我們改而依據這10多年的潛水、銷售、維修、教學、旅遊的經驗,對潛友們提供最正確、經實證、不誇張的一手消息與資訊與建議。下次如果您有任何關於潛水的問題、需求,都歡迎您來Scuba SHOP, Taipei & Abyss Safari走走,讓我們給您滿意的答案!

    Today, everyone can easily access the internet to get all the information about diving, so we need to change our mission to base on our over 10-year experience, we provide divers correct, proved, down-to-earth information and suggestion. If you have any dive relative questions, and needs, we all welcome you come here to chat with us, and we all happy to give you a satisfied answer.